We know the exact necessity of fabulous looking interiors and exteriors. The atmosphere which you work in definitely influences your mood, productivity and impression. We can be at your service for your budget requirements and our team will make your place looks stunning with the extraordinary curtains, blinds, shades and drapes of your choice. Our fast delivery team can reach you as soon as possible and install our quality products at your convenience.



The key purpose of curtains are for enhancing the look of the bland looking rooms or interiors. One finely designed or colorful pair of curtains can change the whole concept of the interior. They are fabric panels which are often sold in pairs. Curtains are available in wide range of widths, lengths, fabrics, colors and patterns; they are very useful and a popular choice for every nuke and corner of the home, even bathrooms and kitchens (the short, sheer curtains that cover only the bottom half of a window over a kitchen sink, frequently matched to a decoration across the window’s top, are called café curtains.) In the bedroom, you’ll likely use curtains over another window treatment, such as a blind or shade, because curtains are made of lightweight fabrics – some are very sheer — and are not lined. They may not be highly recommended for bedrooms because they just block a part of light and allows it to the room. Curtains are basically hung from a rod, which can be hidden and plain, or decorative and on display, depending on how the curtains are hung. There are quite a few hanging options: metal grommets, metal or fabric rings, or a fabric sleeve on the top or the back of the curtain panels are the most common. Once we have the idea of your interior, we can give you options to choose from.


Drapes are also fabric panels. Unlike curtains, they are lined, sometimes with fabric heavy enough to block out all outside light, making them perfect for bedroom use. They usually represents the luxury of different fabrics such as velvet, damask or silk. They are long enough to reach from the top of the window to the floor, sometimes even a bit beneath the window. There are n number of styles and models available in drapes. At times the top of the drapery panel is pleated and there are different styles of pleats available. These pleats, along with the heavy fabric, contribute to the formal appearance of this popular window treatment. Like curtains, drapes hang from a rod on rings, hooks, grommets or a fabric sleeve at the top or on the back of the panel. It can be the most preferred choice for the people who wish to sleep during day hours wince it won’t allow the light to enter the room. Take a look at our extensive drapes collection!




You must be thinking what blinds are or how it helps! Blinds are usually made of wood, bamboo, aluminum, or vinyl slats (also called louvers) that tilt open to let in light, or close for privacy. Because of this, it’s rarely necessary to lift the entire blind unless you are opening the window underneath. We must be seeing blinds a lot in UAE since it is the new trend in offices and homes. It functions as a multipurpose thing which can be used for partial light blocking, full blocking or just leaving the half portion of your window open with this. Usually there are three standard depths for blind slats which are: ½-inch, 1-inch, (mini blinds) and 2-inch, which are often called Venetian blinds. The length and width of the blind is designed as per the size of the window. It comes in various colors, patterns and tones. Most of the interior designers opt to use blinds along with curtains to boost up the unique look of the room. As we are mostly aware of blinds with horizontal louvers, there are also blinds with hanging vertical slats. These are generally used on sliding patio doors or over large sliding windows.


Shades are soft fabric panels which will be attached to a rod or frame at the upper edge. They are mostly sold individually since it’s available in solid shades, varieties in lengths, widths and materials. It is something very popular from the historic time and typically used in the bedrooms or drawing rooms. In order to let in light or see outside, you need to raise the shade, using either a cord, roller, or lifting mechanism. Simple roller shades are usually inexpensive, and as the name suggests, the material rolls around the top roller. When you check on the other popular types of shades, you will find Roman shades, which pull up into deep pleats; balloon shades that pouf into balloons of fabric; and tie-up shades, which fasten with a fabric tie to hold them open. Because of the many styles, you can find a window shade to complement any decorating theme from casual to formal. It can fit in to an office or home atmosphere due to its unique qualities. Usually there are four types of shades used for bedrooms such as: Roller shades, tie up shades, Roman shades and balloon shades.