Brand new trends in window treatments

As the new trend is to go for a minimalist living, everyone prefers simple and subtle interiors. Lighting is an important part of every interior. The right use of best curtains and blinds helps in giving the desired look for the location. Let us look into some of the new trends of treating windows right!

Layering is always in trend

Layering usually offers a clean and consistent look. Make sure you use the colors which goes with each other for layering. Using contrasting colors may not give a finishing look in this case. But well! All depends on your choice! Any type of blind can be used under drapes for a layered look.

Eye catching patterns

Textures and patterns can never go wrong. Mix matching ideas with geometric patterns, trellis designs, large scale floral, bold colors, whimsical motifs etc. always create a bold impression in the designing world. If your paint is dark, go for a lighter pattern and vice versa.

Banding! The new star

Most of us are particular about spaces and detailing. Vertical or horizontal banding adds beautiful detailing and interest to any plain drape. Banding will look great, if you add proportional visual spaces in between.

Get the drapes wider

In case there are issues of finding the windows smaller, this can be a solution to that. It will make the windows looks larger and grand. Going for the options of silk or velvet adds luxury and class to this look.

Get the headings right!

One of the recent trends in interior decoration, the inverted box pleat (back pleat), gives a soft and calming look. It is obviously replacing pinch pleat styles when a more cleanly contemporary feel is required. A finishing touch of lighter colors helps in getting the classy style.


Once you decide the lighting and the brightness required for your room, add the right tone to it. It enhances the mood and feel of the entire habitat.

Roman Shades in fabrics and wood

Contemporary homes remain unfinished without a roman shade. The fine lines and soothing patterns always makes people mesmerized for them. They are a flat construction the fabric needed is much less than full drapes. This allows you to upscale your fabric choice and make a real statement. Recently they are coming up with wooden material which adds more beauty to it.

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